Xenos is a Cult.






Xenos Christian Fellowship has been operating in Columbus, Ohio since 1970 and has been causing massive trauma to countless people. This website contains over 700+ accounts of people claiming abuse at Xenos, many which involve the complete destruction of personal mental health, spiritual abuse, and the loss of happiness and emotional stability.


"It’s honestly been the most traumatic time of my life, and I’m a cancer survivor."

"A home church will love-bomb the hell out of you until one day you wake up and realize you haven't spoken to any of your actual family or old friends in a couple weeks."

"They took my beautiful child of God that before Xenos had been confident in her knowledge of Gods love for her, and they made her fearful and anxious with their intimidation and oppressive environment."

Excerpts taken from the hundreds of personal accounts of abuse in Xenos.










They recruit members by using love-bombing and inviting targets out to fun activities. 

They will push you into being "discipled" and then towards moving into an overcrowded ministry house, where your time will be used mainly for Xenos activities, and non-attendance will result in leaders belittling you into conformity.

You will be pressured to take "leadership training" (recruitment) classes, give money to the church each month, and start isolating yourself from Non-Xenos members. 

Members rely on the group for critical thinking and value judgments.

The destruction of your individuality will occur, as they extract personal information from you, and hold that over you alongside with the intense stigma members face when they leave. 

Xenos members do this to grow their church, which they believe is God's Work.

Xenos Christian Fellowship is an $8 Million Dollar Organization.

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XENOS IS Taking over OSU campus.


From Reddit r/OSU

"I’ve been in a home-church at Xenos here in Columbus for a while (2+ years) and have decided to post a warning to those that are interested in the church.

The religious community Xenos is neither religious or a community, but a creed and a collective. Xenos undermines both religion and community to serve the human god of expansion, power and influence. They crusade in the name of the sacred for that which is of the profane.

Every action is directed solely towards serving this god. New people are viewed as beachheads into new demographic pipelines. Every action carrying the facade of altruistic-kindness is purely directed towards this end goal. Unable to cope with this contradicting reality, followers of Xenos push this desire into the unconscious where it enters a compensatory-reaction formation which culminates consciously in their seemingly kind behavior.

There exists a large collective with hierarchy, positions, training etc (it’s literally a larp fest but I won’t get into that). The missionaries of the house-churches are trained to spread Xenos’ parasitic tentacles as far as it can. They first identify their desired target, which is usually some who is: socially isolated, sailing through rough waters or someone that the person has a past relationship with. These are the three groups of demographics of recruits I’ve encountered within Xenos in my experience, with the second being the most dominant among Xenos. In the first two cases they befriend the person, which is done easily (usually) in the first case. Once they have been buttered up, they then ask the individual to come to their study. Case one is desperate for any social community and is likely to accept. Case two is dwelling within nihilistic chaos and will grasp at any rope out of hell he or her possibly can. Case three already has a established relationship and the person will likely come out of respect for the missionary/friend.

Once they have their tentacles wrapped around you it is hard to break free. They love bomb you with fake kindness and often their studies are sandwiched in between enjoyable activities such as; sports, games, partying, etc. If an individual begins to stray from the collective, then they'll attempt to reel him back in with activities (they are incredibly persistent). Their studies focusing purely on the word of the bible can sometimes be substantive. However once the study leaves the biblical realm, which it often does, it’s to straw-man opposition and steel-man their own to reinforce groupthink. It’s a subtler version of Oceania’s Two-Minutes Hate; which reeks of insecurity and it appears that they’re trying to convince themselves more than anyone else.

If they are successful in recruiting their target, they will then pressure or invite them to live in one of their houses. These environments usually house an absurd amount of people and the individual quickly loses any semblance of privacy. This move and loss of privacy further strengthens the social bond between the individual and collective, until eventually the collective devours the individual. The individual also becomes socially reliant on the collective and religion quickly becomes for many a social activity. Thus in serving their desire for expansion, Xenos quickly undermines the religious element of Xenos and transforms it into a social creed.

Once these houses grow too big Xenos, like an asexual organism, splits the group. One half stays to refill the cell and the other creates or fills another house-church. Thereby revoking any semblance of community between individuals to further their ultimate goal of expansion, which only further devours the individual into the superorganism of the collective.

We would not be whole if we did not have the capacity for both good and evil. Some push their evil into the shadow while putting on a mask. However that does not mean that it still does not dictate their behavior, but on the contrary. Be cautious of those who adorn themselves with the mask of good intentions."


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God is bigger than Xenos. The mistake many of us made was putting Gary and Denis on a pedestal as I now see them retiring I hope they find their peace too bc they seem to struggle in their own examples in teachings.”